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Final Score Barcelona 2 Real Madrid 3 after extra time.


Despite the loss, this game is proof that Barcelona has improved a lot collectively. The last time Barca played Madrid, they were completely outplayed and outmatched, the length in superiority was too obvious.

Fast forward to today, Xavi has actually improved this team, yes, there are few things he needs to work on but he’s just taken over. There’s hope.

Busquet on his days is a beast in midfield but the sad reality is that he’s lost that urge that made him consistent and this is hurting the team. Most of the goals Barcelona concede comes from Busquet being pressed and dispossessed on critical parts of the pitch. He takes too many unnecessary risks and Xavi should start considering putting him on the bench.

Frenkie is lost too. Busquet and De jong together in midfield is a bad idea, De Jong should be playing in Busquets position

Defensively we are still far off. Alba and Dani Alves are old, they can only do so much. Pique is better on social media.

All in all it was a fantastic performance from a collective point of view. This is a satisfactory loss, no hard feelings. They took the game to Madrid, they were aggressive, they showed they wanted it. Madrid had experience and that prevailed.